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 It was the story of the humans, more than the creatures of Thula-Thula Private Game Reserve, that touched my heart. MD of this tranquil piece of Africa, Francoise  Malby Anthony, is building on the legacy of her famous ‘the Elephant Whisperer’ husband, Lawrence Anthony. His soul  connected to the ‘problem’ Elephants that he  relocated and rehabilitated at Thula-Thula. Francoise is creating her own legacy through the extraordinary work that she, as well as her crew, is doing in aid of the conservation of our Rhino’s.  Under her leadership, the Thula-Thula Rhino Conservation Fund was born. More recently, Thula-Thula began construction on a baby orphanage, where the offspring of victims of  poaching will be raised in a protective environment.   I am honored to be associated, by means of my  painings, with such an amazing place, where you can not only feel the heartbeat of the African bush, but also the caring hearts of the humans that calls it  ‘home’ 
‘ENCHANTED’ Especially painted  for, and  donated to the Thula-Thula  Rhino Fund. Featuring Thabo & Ntombi, the two resident  orphaned Rhino’s.
Enchanted, Francoise and  myself made it into the local  newspaper!
‘Rhino Mommy’ Alyson and I pictured with Enchanted. The painting was sold to a generous American family.
SUPPORTING THULA-THULA ‘Enchanted’ ‘Conquer the Day’
‘Conquer The Day’ (featuring Thabo & Ntombi), not only celebrates the  fighting spirit of the Rhino, but also the pure hearts of every person that fights for their survival.  The white circle represents the spotlight that is focused on our Rhino’s. This is not a negative energy, rather the light of the humans that is in battle with the poachers. It is our ‘eye’ that says : Be warned.. we are not asleep... we  see... we will take revenge...
‘At the revealing ceremony of Conquer the Day,  I was privilaged to draw the names of the very fortunate winners of the Rhino Fund’s lucky draw competition.