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Amanda van Vuuren is a South African Wildlife Fine Artist and amateur Wildlife Photographer, residing in the coastal city of Richards Bay.  She is married, and the mother of 2 adult children.  She is known, and paints, under the alias of Amanda Vee. Although she has shown an interest in the Fine Arts from an early age, the Artist only started cultivating her love for painting in 2008, after suffering a personal loss.  She has a full time career, but her passion to capture the pulsating rhythm of Africa keeps her bound to her canvas until the early hours of the morning. She is a self-taught Artist.  Her passion for Wildlife has been her sole (and soul) teacher.  Favouring the Realism Style, she strives to honestely depict the heart of Africa : energetic, warm, strong and emotional.. Her Paintings are her personal journeys, and she relates well to the words of Henry Ward Beecher : “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”.  Her paintings often takes months to complete, due to the fine details that charactirises her work. As Richards Bay is in close proximity to some of the very best Game Parks in South Africa, you will find her on an African Safari over most weekends, exploring the rugged African bush through the lens of her camera.  It is there, in the mournful soul of the Rhino, the fierce glare in the eye of the Lion, or the gracefullness of the Giraffe, that she finds her inspiration. Being a Conservationist, she realized that she can utilise her talent in a positive way by supporting the desperate plight of the Rhino.  It has inspired her to paint ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Conquer the Day’. Both these paintings were donated to a well known Rhino Conservation Fund. Proceedings from the sale of these works assisted in the protection of orphaned Rhino’s on a Private Game Reserve close to her home. Currently, the Artist is in the ‘dreaming’ stages of presenting her first exhibition. “Without a dream, there is no hope... without hope, no passion can exist’ .. -Amanda
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